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Our preschool program is built on our academic curriculum which focuses on all areas of STEM. We have science and social studies units which sets the foundation for our students academic lives. Some examples of units include the solar system, lifecycles, parts of a plant, recycling, health & safety, body parts, seasons and much more! The kids receive hands on learning experiences which helps their brains engage and create and expand the neural pathways. The students also engage in daily reading and writing activities. Our program also highlights the importance of values. We promote cooperation, compassion, and work on behavior management. The students participate in food drives, community projects, and learn the importance of inclusiveness to aid them with being involved in their communities from a young age. We celebrate holidays, birthdays, and host events like career day!


Day Care

The daycare is a non-academic environment held after the preschool hours. The kids recieve care and have the freedom to play with the educational toys provided. If desired, the kids can take naps. Lunch and snacks are provided. 

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